LBP Print

LBP Print

Offering printing services from a photographer.

LBP Print is...

a store to purchase photos directly from the photographer

a place to have your photos printed by a photographer

a place to remember a moment in time.


Purchase photos directly from the photographer/s, printed on high quality photographic paper on an Epson P800 large format printer in the size of your choice.


Have your photos printed by a photographer, specialising in larger format printing.

Are you a Photographer that wants to sell your photos?

We can do the hard work for you, contact us to see if we are able to list your photos on our store for sale.

Photos are printed to order each time your customer comes to us, all you need to provide is the hi-res unwatermarked edited image for us to print.

*Prices are set by you, we take a cut to cover time, printing costs, postage and handling and you get the rest.

Contact LBP Print

Contact us to see what we can do for you and your photos.