Sony Alpha Hands On Day 2nd August 2019


Sony Alpha Hands On 2nd August 2019

I was lucky enough to attend a Sony Alpha Hands On Day on 2nd August, 2019 and be able to test out the range of lenses on offer for the Sony Mirrorless Camera System. Thanks to Sony for putting on these great events allowing us to try out all the different options available.

Sony Alpha-1
Sony Alpha-2
Sony Alpha-3
Sony Alpha-4
Sony Alpha-5
Sony Alpha-6
Sony Alpha-7
Sony Alpha-8
Sony Alpha-9
Sony Alpha-10
Sony Alpha-11
Sony Alpha-12
Sony Alpha-13
Sony Alpha-14
Sony Alpha-15
Sony Alpha-16
Sony Alpha-17
Sony Alpha-18
Sony Alpha-19
Sony Alpha-20
Sony Alpha-21

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